Ignatian Resources On The Theme of Change

I came across a few interesting links this morning at dotMagis the blog of Ignatian Spirituality.com which are well worth a look. 

They all broach the theme of change, which is something humans constantly grapple with.

 First, a short video reflection on How Change Works by David Coghlan SJ, lecturer in the School of Business, Trinity College Dublin, addressing the Irish Jesuit Province Assembly on the dynamics of change,both from an individual and an organisational perspective.Lots of questions for reflection here ....




How change works from Jesuits Ireland on Vimeo.



Second a video on Broken Faith which refers to the fallout from the situation arising from clerical abuse in Ireland but the content is not by any means exclusive to Ireland. 

This video is particularly poignant at this time as I read yesterday this article in the NCR by Fr Thomas P. Doyle.

It is an appreciation of the work of Mary Raftery, an Irish journalist whose documentary series States of Fear exposed abuse in Irish Catholic schools, who died in Dublin on Monday. She was 54.

"Mary was a journalist by profession, but by vocation, she was a deeply honest and compassionate woman who fearlessly challenged the Irish Catholic Church, and in doing so, made the present and the future a safer place for children.

Photo Mary Raftery Irish times

Mary may not be as well-known in the United States as she is in her native Ireland, yet her life has made a profound difference for victims of clergy abuse everywhere. She did more than any one person to force the systemic vicious abuse in the Irish industrial schools into the open. She continued with her passion to help victims with her documentary Cardinal Secrets, an expose of the cover-up of sexual abuse in the archdiocese of Dublin."


Broken Faith Highlights from Jesuits Ireland on Vimeo.



Third, a nice reflection from Jim Manney S.J  titled Word and Thoughts from here.

This is the introduction:

"As I enter into an annual silent retreat with students, I am mindful of how great is the gift of silence.  We think too much; we speak too much.  We argue about concepts of God, we use limiting words for God.  To slightly modify a famous phrase from Meister Eckhart: I pray that God would rid us of all these words and thoughts about God!

Thinking is really a pretty terrible way of encountering God.  Words are even worse.  I come around again and again to a deep intuition of Ignatius: sensing, savoring God is what we’re after.  

We must taste the bread of the Eucharist.  We must feel the scabbed hands of the leper, smell the deep fresh odor of the baby’s skin, listen to the wind through the trees, be awestruck by the sight of the kingfisher."

 Finally, a series of presentations based on materials written by Brian Grogan, SJ, of the Irish Jesuits

The Ignatian Way is a series of free online presentations that introduce the main ideas of Ignatian spirituality. Each one is an 8-15 minute multimedia slide presentation that includes links for additional information or exploration. This is the first one:

The Ignatian Way from Jesuits Ireland on Vimeo.

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