A Tribute to Brennan Manning

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It has been over twenty years since the publication of The Ragamuffin Gospel, " Good News For The Bedraggled, Beat-Up and Burnt Out.", a book many claim, came as the shattering of God's grace into their lives. Since that time, Brennan Manning has been faithful in preaching and writing variations on that singular theme - "Yes, Abba is very fond of you!"

 Here are some videos of Brennan Manning on the reality of God's love for us.
You can read more about Brennan Manning here

 Love this one : Brennan Manning on The Impostor and Love, Faith and Ministry.

I find the voice on this third one a bit melodramatic but the message is sound

 All is Grace from Brennan Manning's Web Page

From the trailer of the film A Ragamuffin's Legacy featuring Brennan Manning 

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