Archbishop of Canterbury Head to Head with Richard Dawkins

This one caught my eye today. It's free to watch it live today, Thursday 23.02: Supporting links are below, but it will also be available on archive.


The long-planned “Dialogue Event” between the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams,Professor Richard Dawkins and philosopher Sir Anthony Kenny is to be streamed live from Oxford University today at 4.00-5.30 UK time.

"Oxford University, offers, we believe, a great opportunity for valuable, open discussion by three leading thinkers, with expertise in their respective areas of study, in which the topic of “The Nature of Human Beings and the Question of their Ultimate Origin” is to be discussed. The dialogue we trust will prove invigorating and enlivening."

The session will be streamed LIVE across the web via this page

Where are our leading Catholic theologians in these debates ?

 Have we no one of intellectual stature willing to step up to this kind of forum? 

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