Baby Give It Up

Maybe things are turning..

Even on BBC Radio Two today there were playlists of music related to the theme of Lent and the presenters talked about what they were giving up for Lent. 

In the homily at the Ash Wednesday service our priest remarked that the practice of fasting has always played a part in many world religions. 

He said that we Christians get a "lot of stick " when we say we fast as part of Lent but few people question the Muslim feast of Ramadan. Good point. He also said that we do it because in a small way we want to share in the experience of Jesus.   If He did it, then the least we could do is to try and embrace a little of what that sacrifice means, not as a mere pious act of tokenism but because of love.. 

We can also save the money we would otherwise have spent and give it to local organisations or to international ones e.g. CAFOD.  It's a start and a drop in the ocean but small efforts can make a difference...

This was one of the records they played today on Radio 2 from the 80's .....You may remember it.
Baby Give It Up by KC and The Sunshine Band....... Great choice.... maybe that should read J.C. and the Sunshine Band. ( did I hear someone groan?)

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