Blessed be Your Name and Padraig O Tuma The Book of Exile and Holy Rain: Logan Martin Band

This great video has three parts to it : The speaker of the first well known song Blessed Be Your Name introduces it as part of a 2011 series of songs for Lent and he says it is the end of the second week ! 

So just to reassure people that they have not entered some weird time warp we are at the beginning of the Second Week of Lent 2012 and we are still in the wilderness.......................maybe feeling a little dry and thirsty for the life giving-water from the well. Take a sip and wet your lips on these..
At the end of the song, Irish Catholic poet and singer Padraig O 'Tuma reads from his wonderful poem"Reading from the Book of Exile.'

Finally there is an original recording of "Holy Rain" by the Logan Martin Band.

I also recommend Fr. Austin's fine Homily for today the First Sunday of Lent from A Concord Pastor Comments . Click here

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