Card Carrying Catholics ?

The Church in the UK is set to distribute cards across parishes for Catholics to carry with them as a mark of Catholic identity and a starting point for evangelisation. 

The initiative comes from the bishops' department for evangelisation and catechesis.

One million cards will be sent to 24 Catholic dioceses, including the Bishopric of the Forces and the Ordinariate, this month and next, as a reminder that all baptised are invited to know and share their faith.

On one side of the credit-card-sized resource is a space for the owner to sign, a list of six things that Catholics are called to do, and the instruction: "In the event of an emergency, please call a Catholic priest."

On the other side is a quote from Blessed John Henry Newman. 

Front of card 

Back of card

Why the arrows ??
What happens if you don't do the 6 callouts ? 
Are they indictable offences if not done ?

Perhaps they could add : As a Catholic I am called to listen ...

I'm happy with the prayer, but I recoil in horror at the thought of serving up the card to anyone as part of an evangelical gesture.

I was happy with the "In the event of an emergency please contact a Catholic priest " until I thought how ambiguous interpretation of the term "emergency" could lead to some of scenarios that could make this one unholy nightmare for priests.

The cards are likely to get lost or stolen by pranksters who would then ring up a priest on the pretence of an emergency such as the washing machine breaking down.

See link below for real examples of weird emergency 999 calls to the ambulance service and you get the idea..

A drunk dialled 999 to complain to police that there was too much chilli sauce on his kebab, while another caller wanted help to find a pizza takeaway, a force revealed today.
The late-night caller asked if there were any pizza shops still open and when he was told that was not an emergency, replied: 'It is mate, my wife is pregnant and gagging for pizza.'
Northumbria Police was also called by a woman who claimed two spiders were attacking her in her cellar.
The force revealed the outrageous calls to highlight the serious problem of people abusing the emergency 999 system.
In other recent calls, an angry mother wanted officers to get her lazy son out of bed and into work after he reported in sick.
The drunken kebab-eater called for assistance in getting another meal from the shop claiming his original feast had been ruined with the chilli sauce.
Supt Neil Adamson, of the Communications Department, said: 'Every month, Northumbria Police receives 25,000 999 calls, of which less than half are actual emergencies which would warrant the use of 999.
'People should only use the emergency 999 number if there is any danger or risk to life or a crime is in progress.'
The North East Ambulance Service recently revealed a woman who had broken her fingernail called from a nightclub toilet for help.
Another caller wanted a crew to come to his home to fetch him a can of pop from his fridge.

A woman dialled 999 to report that the rabbit she had just bought did not have floppy ears. 

Read more:

What's next on the menu I wonder ??

Bumper stickers, mugs, T- shirts ?? 

Then we had better watch out for the tattoos on the forehead or elsewhere..

On second thoughts, don't encourage them.

What are your views ?? 

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