Clothed Splendour

The author and artist Howard Schroeder (SFO), kindly gave me permission to use his work but it came too late for my post yesterday on Sunday's Gospel, Embracing The Leper, so I am delighted to be able to show Howard's beautiful painting of St Francis along with his own words to accompany the image today. 

Please take the time to check out more of his work at his site here which is called  Painted Psalms, where he says "Painted Psalms Art Gallery is intent on lighting  the lamp of the human body – the eye and the lamp of the human soul – the heart." 

I think you will agree this image does just that .....................Thanks Howard !!

                           Clothed Splendor by kind permission of Howard Schroeder sfo
                                                                      Painted Psalms 

Francis could see how the lilies of the field
were clothed in splendor.
In the world into which Francis was born,
every effort was spent grasping for one’s own splendor.

To embrace a leper was the farthest thing from society’s perception of beauty and glory.
A chance encounter was more likely to yield revulsion, disgust, and averted eyes.
Certainly not the warmth of a human embrace.
Yet Francis found a sweetness of soul in the lepers inner yearning
to touch a fellow human.  
The lepers outer affliction was far less repulsive than the inner leprosy
of the souls of his townsmen of Assisi,
who were consumed in the most dreadful disease of lovelessness.

Francis realized he was now dead to his merchant father’s world of fine linens,
because no beautiful fabric in this world could cover the leprosy of heart
in those seeking beauty, splendor and glory for themselves.
Those shimmering expensive fabrics that once shrouded his life
fell away like a veil, no longer his concern.
Francis wished to clothed himself like the lilies of the field,
clothed only in Christ’s love.
To forsake his family’s inheritance to claim heavenly riches of heart.

When he embraced the leper and kissed him, he found himself clothed in Christ’s love.
A love incarnate in the least of his brothers.
Fresh on his path, Francis was well on his way to the first big step
in how to connect, embrace, liberate and love everyone.
To wear his love like heaven.
Permission given to use.
Copyright remains with the author Howard Schroeder, sfo.

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