Pavel 183 Russian Street Artist

This was featured on the evening news - Some great street art by Russian Pavel 183..

For thirteen years, the Russian artist Pavel Puhov has adorned the streets of Moscow, with witty and rebellious images. But very little is known about him. 
He has been dubbed the Russian Banksy - or Bankski.
Puhov hides his face, the main identification card is his work and most of the pieces touch on issues of social criticism and protest. His unique and original visual identity as Pavel 183 is on his official website, written in Russian.

The artist is allegedly 28 years old, was born in Moscow and he studied Communications and Design. 
Abandoned buildings, bridges, schools and the Moscow Metro become his ‘creative playground’.
His creations, however, fail to stand the test of time as the city authorities and street cleaners eliminate them as soon as they appear. Thus, photographs often become the only way they can be captured for posterity.

His background in graffiti is self-taught and his creative process is summarized, according to his own words, as "First, I think, then I see and then I show what I see." 

His last work was carried out on the snow, it is a lens frame is completed with a light pole. You can identify work with his signature "183".

 Another work, entitled “Arsonists bridges” with the image of a rebel with a torch. At night, they lit a real fire here to add realism. Pavel said ”Many of us can not achieve any success, no glory, no money, no relationship, and this work is dedicated to those who burn old bridges to create a new world.”

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