Woodland and Coastal Walk End of February 2012

Today in Cornwall was unseasonally mild and balmy with not even a zephyr of wind so Colin and I went for a walk, first to Lower Town Coombe, near Helston:  a lovely woodland walk and then drove on to Prussia Cove. 

These are just a few photos to share today some of the beauty and grace of God's world we have to be thankful for in this corner of the planet. 

Click on photos for enlarged view.

                                            Katkin or Lamb's tail ( thanks Hazel for 
                                            correct identification :-)))

                                                                  Arms open wide
                                            The name of the horse is Archie and he wasn't too
                                                        keen on jumping over this hurdle.

Now for something completely different ; Prussia Cove

                                                   The shape of this tree below gives you
                                                   some idea of how exposed this coastline is!
                                                    Looking West across the Atlantic Ocean

                                                   Old Cornish Cottage with Thatched Roof.
                                                     This faces out over the ocean

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