Bere Island Holy Week Retreat Video Series 2011 and 2012 Talks by Fr Laurence Freeman

are planning to do an experimental free live webcast of Benedictine monk Fr Laurence Freeman's talks at the Holy Week Retreat on Bere Island 1-8 April 2012
 Fr.Laurence is the author of many books and articles including “Light Within”, “Selfless Self”, “Web of Silence”, “Common Ground”, “A Short Span of Days”, “Your Daily Practice” and “Jesus: The Teacher Within”. He is also the editor of John Main works and a regular contributor to The Tablet.
As this is a new technology for them they need a number of  people who would like to receive them and give them feedback. If you would like to participate in this please fill the form below. 
Download HERE the Talks time- table

If you can't manage to fit this year's webcasts in, and you can't make a pilgrimage to Ireland these are the Bere Island Holy Week Retreat Video Series from 2011
by Fr. Laurence Freeman

Bere Island lies at the entrance to the magnificent Bantry Bay and guards the deep water harbour of Berehaven, in West Cork, in the South West of Ireland.

Click here for slides of the island and just imagine yourself there.

Take a virtual pilgrimage instead.

Introductory Talk Day 1

Day 2 Talk 1

Day 2 Talk 2

Day 3 Talk 1

Day 3 Talk 2

Day 4 Talk 1

Day 4 Talk 2

Day 5 Holy Thursday

Day 6 Good Friday

Holy Saturday Talk 1

Holy Saturday Talk 2

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