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I was unable to watch the last episode on Women last night and have spent most of today writing my post on the Pastoral letter on Gay Marriage to be read out on this Sunday Third of Lent so I will have to try and watch it on i- player and see if I can post something then.

This is just a quick post.

Part 2 of  Catholics The BBC 4 Series 
Last night's episode, number two in the series, looked at young children being schooled for their First Holy Communion.

A quick web search found a couple of opinions here

I thought Part 2  was definitely better than Part 1 (on seminarians training for the priesthood), mainly because of the spontaneity of the children and their astute questions.

 I have been watching the programme and trying to view it as how an outsider to the church might perceive it as well as from my own stance as a Catholic.

The last episode next week is on Women !!

This is the advance blurb from the Catholic Church in England and Wales website 

"Women, the third and final film in the series, focuses on Catholic women and how Catholicism has shaped their lives.

Filmed at Westminster Cathedral Richard Alwyn meets the women staff, volunteers and congregation of the Cathedral. Set against the backdrop of the rhythm of Cathedral life, Richard Alwyn film explores what it is like to be a Catholic woman in Britain today.

Rose is second-in-charge of the Cathedral’s sacristy. She is responsible for the smooth running of the Cathedral’s worship and devotional life, preparing the altar for the six daily masses and making sure that the priests have all they need to administer to the faithful. A convert, for Rose, Catholicism has proved to be an anchor in her life, sheltering her in crisis and protecting her in need.

Elsewhere, Alwyn meets a retired doctor on the steps of the Cathedral for whom Catholicism poses challenges. The church’s teachings have led to her feeling alienated and unable to practise even though she may still occasionally attend. Yet despite these difficulties, she feels her Catholic identity remains strong, providing her with an important moral core that helps her with the chaos of life."

 I think I'll wait until I've seen the last episode before I post on the whole series...maybe !

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