Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin CBS Video Interview

H/T To Colleen and at Enlightened Catholicism for link and
Rocco Palmo at Whispers in The Loggia for extra online only clip

 If you can spare some time to watch this I recommend it. (It lasts about 15 minutes.)

Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin
whom Rocco Palmo describes as being " widely recognized as global Catholicism's most forthright voice on the abuse crisis"is interviewed for the CBS programme 60 minutes on the crisis in the Irish Catholic Church.  

Full Transcript of interview is here.

Archbishop Martin: There's a real danger today of people saying-- "The child abuse scandal is over. Let's bury it. Let's move on." It isn't over. 

Child protection and the protection of children is something that will go on-- for-- for-- you know, for the rest of our lives and into the future. Because the problems are there."

This man should be a Cardinal. 

His talk on Reform of the Church in Ireland: Facing the Future is here
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