On Finding Thin Places

New York Times Article on Thin Places and Travel here by author Eric Weiner, most recently, of “Man Seeks God: My Flirtations With the Divine.” and a related post from The Jesuit post Blog Finding God Through Thick and Thin which delightfully begins:

"You may have heard the story about the rabbi and his young son. 

                                                               Small Boy Big World from here

 The boy liked to wander in the woods every day when he got home from school. 

At first, the rabbi let him wander, but over time he grew concerned. 
The woods were dangerous and the father did not know what lurked there – think Peter and the Wolf.  

One day the rabbi sat his son down and asked, “You know, I’ve noticed that every afternoon you walk in the woods.Tell me, son – why do you go there?”

 The boy replied, “I go there to find God.”

 “That is a very good thing,” the father replied, smiling. “I’m glad you’re searching for God… but, my dear son, don’t you know that God is the same everywhere?” 

 ”Yes,” the boy answered, “…but I’m not.”

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Most regular readers know my Celtic affinity for Thin Places,which I have posted about many times here and the term has been around for eons. 

I have also started a New Blog: Click here . It's titled Thin Places, which I hope to devote more time to after Easter. 

Blue Eyed Ennis will still be my main blog but I hope to keep the other one just for Thin Place material and reflections and hopefully more photographs.

It's interesting how posts on thin places seem to be cropping up on many blogs these days.

 This link takes you to a series of posts on Thin Places  by Mark D. Roberts

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