Prayer and The Taize Community

Taize (Photo credit: Winam)
Lent is a period of reflection and prayer.

One community intimately connected with this search is the Taize Community, often better known for their music.

The Taize community is an ecumenical society of more than 100 brothers who take vows and commit themselves to the apostolate of reconciliation. 

It began in 1940 when brother Roger Schutz obtained a house in the French village of Taize. Since then this community has attracted lots of people mainly because of the simplicity of their way of life – which is reflected in their prayers based on the liturgy of the hours.

This is a lovely presentation of a conversation from Salt and Light Blog done in March 2010 with Br. Emile about his community based on prayer.

Taize prayer from here

God of every human being, keep us from digging “cracked cisterns that do not hold the living water.” 
We want to entrust ourselves to you, surrendering to you our worries and our entire lives.

If you are struggling with prayer or just want more, I recommend Fr Austin Fleming's "Praying 10 Minutes a Day in Lent" at A Concord Pastor Comments.

***Don't forget to check out my side bar for a series of Taize musical chants for Lent.

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