Third Sunday Lent 2012 Mass and Reflections

Scripture Readings from The Third Sunday of Lent Mass are here.
A previous post is here  along with reference to a modern day report of a situation featured in this week's press where Jesus might well have gotten angry over the association of his Father's house with financing by the proceeds from drug dealers in Mexico.

Various reflections from St Louis University  here .

From The Word on Fire site the third video from Fr. Robert Barron's Lenten Series using compilations from the Catholicism Series to highlight the Gospel  is shown below.

Further questions for reflection and a discussion forum along with a sermon from Fr. Barron on the cleansing of the temple are available from here

Part 1

Part 2

I've spent much of the week reading and reflecting on the the anger of Jesus but I haven't had time to really knit together my usual posts on the Sunday Scriptures/ Gospel yet. 

I have family birthday parties and parish committments this weekend to go to, so I may or may not complete my usual reflections in time for Sunday, but hopefully the resources above will more than amply fill the gap.

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