Violence Truth and Consequences

                                                                          Ecce Homo

What a long and strange war it is where violence tries to crush truth! 

Hard as it may struggle, violence cannot weaken truth, and its efforts only make truth stand out more clearly. 

Truth, however brightly it may shine, can do nothing to stop violence, and its light only irritates violence even more. 

When might is ranged against might, the stronger defeats the weaker.

 When discourse is ranged against discourse, what is true and convincing confounds and dissipates what is based only on vanity and lies. 

But violence and truth can do nothing, the one against the other. 

Nevertheless, don’t be fooled by that into thinking that they are at the same level as each other. For there is this extreme difference between them:

 that violence only has a course marked out for it by God’s command, such that its effects redound to the glory of the truth which it is attacking,

 while truth subsists eternally, and triumphs in the end over its enemies.

 Because it is as eternal and powerful as God himself.


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