Blessing of the Holy Oils Chrism Mass

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During Holy Week, at a special Mass in every diocese called The Chrism Mass, the bishop blesses and consecrates the Holy Oils to be used for the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism and Confirmation) at the Easter Vigil and for the celebration of the sacraments through the year until next Easter.

Our service in the Plymouth diocese of the UK is on Holy Thursday.

This is a photo of a chapel dedicated to The Holy Oils in Liverpool's Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral of Christ The King. More photos of this beautiful cathedral here.

This is a link to a sharper image of the writing on the banner .

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CHRIST in the New Testament Greek is the ANOINTED ONE.

Fr. Austin Fleming's post here at A Concord Pastor Comments explains what it entails and as ever, has a beautiful prayer for us which I have added below.

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Has my spiritual life become dry, even withered?  
Is my spirit in need of anointing

to soften what has become leathery,

to smooth what has become rough?

Do I need anointing to protect me 

lest I become chafed or burned

by the heat of each day's concerns? 

each night's worries? 

Do I need to inhale an aroma

strong enough, gentle enough,

to waken me to the fragrance of God's presence

all around me?

Do I need an anointing 

to strengthen my limbs for reaching out to others?

to penetrate muscles sore from carrying my heart's burdens?

to empower my soul to be more faithful?

Have I forgotten who I am as God's child?

as God's beloved? as the apple of God's eye?

Have I forgotten that I'm anointed as the Lord's own,

as a member of his body,

of his priestly people anointed for Gospel service?

What in my life, today, needs the anointing of God's Spirit?

What weakness needs to be strengthened in me, today?

What roughness needs to be smoothed in me, today?

What vulnerability in my heart needs protection, today?

What confusion in my mind needs the anointing of God's wisdom, today?

What old hurt or sin needs the anointing of God's mercy, today?

What in the lives of those around me

needs the anointing of my word, my hand, my love,


Be still... and know that God's anointing breath is upon you...

Be still... and soak in the anointing peace of God's presence...

Be still... and be softened by the anointing power of God's strength...

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