Feminism and Catholic Fidelity Video

"That’s a slightly more narrow focus than the document as a whole but it served the segment nicely.

For the discussion, viewers were introduced to Christendom College’s Donna Bethell and Fordham University’s Jeannine Hill Fletcher. 

Bethell supports the Vatican document while Fletcher opposes it. She identifies as a Catholic feminist theologian and is a laywoman. 
Even though both guests disagreed with each other, they were cordial, articulate, thoughtful and thought-provoking.

So to whomever found such great guests, good work."

I’d encourage you to watch the debate, but there’s also an edited snippet of the transcript as well at the site here

Pity it wasn't longer.... because the knub of it comes at the end .
I hope that PBS try to have a continuation of this in the public media.

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