Friday Fish Extra

A bonus catch for this first week of Easter. 

Normal catch for this Friday is here

                                                Image above from the brilliant

and this is a delight by Lisa, a Secular Franciscan from here....

"During my Secular Franciscan fraternity gathering, the other night, our spiritual assistant was discussing Article 19 of our Holy Rule, which ends:
"Since they are immersed in the resurrection of Christ, which gives true meaning to Sister Death, let them serenely tend toward the ultimate encounter with the Father." 

However, I misheard him and did a double-take when I thought he said, "... let them screamingly tend ..."  

That mishearing has, of course, permanently lodged itself in my noggin', and now whenever I think of Article 19, I'm unable to shake this image......"

( NB Sister Death has a bow !)

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