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Caught in the net this week ...... on the theme of Resurrection , doubt and faith......

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 It's a long time since I read Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. I remember it caused a bit of a stir at the time : some people dismissed it as banal drivel and New Age trivia , others as a delightful spiritual tale. 

These days I find myself getting past the age where I care too much for analysis !!  

When I came across this beautiful footage from the film and the song Dear Father by Neil Diamond - it just struck a chord and without over sentimentalising it, I think it does say something of failure, faith, doubt and trust, letting go and freedom.

Maybe I'm just getting soft in my old age ! 

Lyrics:Dear Father we dream we dream we dream while we may. 
Who are we to need.. we need ...we need..while we wait ...while we wait.

 And there is an analysis here as a concession !!

It also links to the homily on Doubting Thomas by Fr.Matthew Kelty in my post for this Sunday. Click here and then scroll down - it's called On Flying Blind  in Total Trust.

and new to me : a wonderful Gospel/Blues/Folk/Creole singer Eric Bibb. His godfather was Paul Robeson.

Don't Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down

Where The Green Grass Grows


                                                               Woke Up This Morning

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