Let Your Clay Be Moist

I thought this was timely to include this week as some parts of the UK are facing a drought/ water shortage and a ban on hosepipe watering of the garden. 

At least we can do something to prevent spiritual dryness !
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"Let your clay be moist . . . "
"It is not you who shapes God,
it is God who shapes you.

If then you are the work of God,
await the hand of the artist
who does all things in due season.

Offer God your heart,
soft and tractable,
and keep the form
in which the artist fashioned you.

Let your clay be moist,
lest you grow hard
and lose the imprint of God's fingers."

Irenaeus, second century Bishop of Lyons, who as a youth studied under Polycarp,
who had himself learned from John the Apostle.

Thanks to Marilyn & Alan Youel for the poem 

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