Reminder Bere Island Holy Week Retreat Live Streaming Video

Coast near Caravilleen Looking north to Bere I...
Coast near Caravilleen Looking north to Bere Island on the other side of Bantry Bay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Just a reminder in case you may have missed or forgotten  this :

The Live Streaming Videos Holy Week Retreats by Fr. Laurence Freeman
at Bere Island (in Ireland)
started yesterday and continue all this week. 

I missed Day 1 but have just finished watching the second video for Day 2. ( 45 minutes long but it passed quickly and was well worth watching.)

Check out the link here and FEAR NOT if you can't manage to see them live - 

these wonderful people have even put up the videos here for you to watch at any time from Day One and Day Two  in case you missed them. Pure Genius.

Click here for my original post on this where I have also put the entire video series from last year's retreat  

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