46th World Communications Day May 20th

In advance of World Communications Day 2012

Pope Benedict's Message is here for 20th May

 Pope Benedict's choice of theme for the global church's next World Communications Day in 2012.
Silence and Word : Path of Evangelisation 

The Twitter page has been launched  here #Silence 2012 

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My earlier post on this day is here 

Monsignor Paul Tighe, Secretary to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications
talks about the role of social media in communication in the church.

Official Prayer for The Day 

O God, whose word is truth and in whose light we see light, guide those who tell the story of our times through word and image.
Make them seekers after truth and advocates of human dignity.
Grant discernment to all who rely on their labours, and, as we confront the pain and promise of this world, awaken in us a sense of wonder at your presence and of longing for your peace, 
Through Christ Our Lord, Amen 


My Own Prayer

For those of us who are weary and exhausted by words, 
who find it hard to find the right words to say without rancour,
for all that we wish we could say, 
for all that we need to say to bring healing and unity, 
please Lord, let us recognise you know it all anyway, 
but nevertheless send us all the fresh inspiration
and breath of your Holy Spirit to be renewed.

Help us to be healed by your words and when we are angry and hurt
help us to find words that can express that anger cleanly and honestly
without inflicting more damage on others and ourselves.

Never let us shy away from our conscience and integrity
but keep us humble and open to try and dialogue
with those who are different in their views, however hard that is. 
Help us admit our failures and ask for forgiveness.

Help us to move slowly beyond words of resentment
towards a place of healing and peace.

Help us remove ourselves from the petty power plays of words
that are often prejudiced and aimed to undermine others 
and keep us from uttering words that deliberately hurt and alienate others. 

Help us to find ways of using words to encourage a diverse community
of many opinions but where bullying and abuse is confronted and never tolerated.

Help us to find words of respect, compassion, inclusion,
reconciliation, encouragement and hope
in the darkest times when it is so easy to 
barricade ourselves behind walls of despondency.

Where there are impasses in communication
help us to try and keep the lines of communication
and dialogue open to You and ask for your help
when we realise we cannot do it alone.

Where we find the broken-hearted 
scarred by unjust words of bigotry and abuse
help us give them a safe place to speak 
and to know they are listened to in Your love

For the rest in our church that have been silenced or censored,
for those who are under the threat of being silenced,
for those whose words are monitored,
for those who are afraid to speak out,
for those who are ignored, 
who are not invited to the table,
those who have no voice,
for those prophetic voices that cause discomfort to the hierarchy,
for all those who are reviled and/or ridiculed when they do try and speak,
I pray that the Lord will listen and hold  them close in Love in the silence of His heart.

I pray that He will keep their spirits and hopes intact 
at a difficult and discouraging time
and move those who ought to listen to open their hearts too.


ROBERTA said...

What a magnificently moving prayer.

ROBERTA said...

Glorious prayer