Blue Eyed Ennis in Texas

Several people ask me the reason for my blog name Blue Eyed Ennis. I normally try to let them work it out for themselves but when I came across this wonderful photo today I couldn't resist adding it here.

It's from a place in Texas called Ennis, which I never knew existed until today !!
My birthplace is in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland and I have blue eyes.- so now you know.
The Ennis in Texas is only about 40 miles south of Dallas and so there is another surprise as my surname is Ewing  !! - but I bear no relation to J.R. I can assure you.

The photographer is the talented Jeff Clow and you can read more about his work here and on Ennis, Texas! 

One thing leads to another and  this one caught my eye too - taken in March this year: Katelyn Edgar, 8, wearing her first communion dress, poses in bluebonnets for her mom, Stephanie Edgar. The family from Palmer joined many in the 13-acre bluegonnet patch outside Ennis, Texas. 

                                                   Photo: Tracy Hobson Lehmann / SA
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