Clear a Space For The Holy Spirit

There is a saying that singing one song is like praying twice so this song is clearing a space to allow the breath of the Holy Spirit to enter. 

The weather here in Cornwall  is a perfect day to remind me of the fullness of the  power of the Holy Spirit.  It is very windy, sunny and hot. Without the wind the heat would be stifling.

Just like the desperate overheated disciples in that Upper Room who were struggling for breath and feeling lost without Jesus,  I know that if I cannot create space for God to blow through my life and remove the stagnant heat of my efforts then I am lost too. 

If I can only let go, the Holy Spirit Jesus promised He would send to his disciples is a promise fulfilled not only in them but to me now and in all cultures, all languages, all of us, for all time.  
The Spirit can help us see the truth more clearly and set us free from all that suffocates us.

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