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Caught in the net this week:

This one is nothing to do with religion but is an interesting article for those of us who like sushi: 

on Dicing With Death : The Fish More poisonous than cyanide

  • Great article from Sr. Joan Chittister this week here.
It deals with The Recent Criticisms on Girl Scouts  and shows the Vatican's current law is not working. 
  •  Interesting article from Eureka Street by Brian Lennon S.J on staying in the church and working for change
  • and more in similar vein here
  •  Good news from Malawi here on the new President Joyce Banda'a decision to overturn its ban on homosexual acts, the first African country to do so since 1994.
 (I worked there some years ago so it has a special place in my heart.)

Further related article on gay rights in Africa here

The comments section is also informative and develops a predominantly sane and healthy debate, refreshingly free from the usual inane hysteria often seen on this issue.

  • Another article on The Bible and Marriage Equality here

  • Click here for a scholarly piece of research containing a series of 5 essays examining each of the proof texts from the Bible that are used to argue that homosexuality is sinful. Each essay examines one of these texts in the light of current scholarship and finds alternative meanings.
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