Update Tuesday Tune On Your Bike

Happy May Day 

by Luka Bloom

This song leaves a wry smile on my face as it also puts me in mind of the right wing Former Conservative Employment Secretary Norman Tebbit who told how his father got on his bike to look for a job during the Depression of the 1930s, during a 1981 speech in Blackpool after riots in Brixton and Handsworth and used it to criticise what he perceived as the work shy.The epithet "on 'yer bike" was a newspaper headline.

Well, here we are 33 years later with most of Europe either stagnating or in a double dip recession and Mr Tebbit's words take on an extended meaning for many, as the rocketing price of petrol and diesel might well mean that for people in the future they will only be able to afford a bike and you would probably have to cycle a long way indeed to get a job these days...

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