Webby Awards

A little divertissement : I've just discovered this one.

Webby Awards are the Internet's version of the Academy Awards.

 more information from here including nominees

The YouTube Orchestra's performance at the Sydney Opera House won a People's Voice award. 

I didn't realise until now that YouTube has its own symphony orchestra, made up of 101 musicians from 33 countries. 

 This performance is from their 2011 concert and features a sand artist making pictures on a big screen behind the musicians while they play. 

The performance shown is Ascending Bird by Aghaei and Jacobsen at the Grand Finale concert. Featuring leader Richard Tognetti and sand artist Kseniya Simonova.

I haven't had the time to examine these but they might be of use to anyone interested in social media. 

This one got an award for best religious website and this one, Religion and Ethics Newsweekly also got an award under Religion.
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