Creator God

I love the song Creator God, as it reminds me that through all our cares and endless strivings God is always with us right in the thick of it . 

For when we wrestle through long dark sleepless nights and into the morning of a new day that is so often filled with anxieties and uncertainties or anticipated with fear or anguish, ultimately all faith relies on resting in the mystery but very real sense of God's presence.

In the messiness and struggle, the questions, the endless lack of understanding of how to deal with ourselves and one another , the lyrics of this song soar with hope and swell in my heart urging me just to let go and let God be God.

Words and Music are by Margaret Rizza

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In the darkness of the still night
in the dawning of the daylight,
in the mystery of creation,
Creator God, you are there.

in the breath of every being,
in the birthing and the growing,
in the earth and all its fullness,
Creator God, you are there.

In the homeless and the hungry,
in the broken and the lonely,
in the grieving of your people,
Creator God, you are there.

In the tears and in the heartache,
in the Love through which we serve you,
in the anguish of the dying,
Creator God, you are there.

In our hearts and in our thinking,
in the longing and the dreaming,
in the yearning of our heartbeat,
Creator God, you are there.

In the love for one another,
in the sharing of our being
in receiving and forgiving,
Creator God, you are there.

In our joys, our hopes, our healing,
in awakening to revealing,
in your call and our responding,
Creator God, you are there.

In our prayer and in our service,
in our praise and in our worship,
in your love that is eternal,
Creator God, you are there.

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