Green Fire Islands and The River of Sound Festival

Listening to the BBC World Service radio last night a delightful item called "Green Fire Islands" caught my attention. 

This is an exciting music collaboration between two cultures of New Zealand and Irish musicians in an ambitious stage show telling the tale of two very different warrior cultures - Maori and Irish which merges ancient and modern Maori with old and new Gaelic, in music, song, dance and poetry.

You can still listen to the podcast here - I don't know how long it will be available for. You need to scroll down and click on the link for Chapter Two of the podcast .

They have been invited to perform in London in the River of Sound Music Festival  as part of the Cultural Olympiad in 2012 for a weekend of free music from international artists from around the world on various stages along the River Thames on 21-22 July, the weekend before the Olympic Games begin.

With one site to host each continent, the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich will transform into the Oceania Stage and provide a stunning backdrop for “Green Fire Islands” and other shows from Australia and the Pacific Islands.The “Green Fire Islands” show – a story of pain and recovery within Maori and Irish history - brings together 17 top performers from New Zealand and Ireland.

This is the trailer and fundraiser appeal... Great music..

and this is a trailer from the documentary that began in 2010

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