Prayers for a Friend and Missionary

I would like to draw attention to some lovely reflections from my friend Fr. John Predmore S.J. as he prepares to take up his new and challenging post in the fall as pastor to Latin Rite Catholics in Amman, Jordan.

Amman (Photo credit: Shelby PDX)

As I read these reflections it strikes me how John has truly answered the call to sacrifice himself to what God is asking him to do in such a powerful way at a time of life when many of us would be planning retirement and a quieter way of life. Very humbling !

 "This alternate reading means a great deal to me as it is the anniversary of the day I sold my condo to enter the Jesuits signifying the ways I am to decrease so Christ can increase in my life. 

I find myself at a similar spot as I am writing this from Jordan, the place of my new ministry as a missionary. As I detach from collected worldly possessions once again, I am reminded of the ways I have to let Christ’s work be magnified through me.

 Preparing for a ministry like this is painful because it is almost like preparing for one’s demise because we have to make choices about what to give away while retaining the minimal basics. It means storing and detaching from gifts for which many memories are associated. These memories give life meaning and identity.

          I am told that in the first half of life, one does what one can to claim his or her own identity. The choices we make are about gathering meaningful people, places, and events to ourselves. 
The second half of life is about detaching from those same things in freedom. Ironically, the gathering of the first half and the dispersal during the second half of life define who we are. Today’s readings are all about our identity and plan with God." 
English: Flag of the Greater Amman Municipalit...
English: Flag of the Greater Amman Municipality, Jordan. The foreground (in yellow), shows a calligraphic treatment of the Arabic script عمّان (`Ammān) merging into architectural arches. Español: Bandera de Amán (Jordania). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You can follow John's progress in his posts as he writes about the steps in his journey to Jordan  To The Frontier.
Please join with me in prayers for John at this very special time in his life and ministry.

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