Back from Buckfast Abbey Clear Voices Festival

So, I'm back home. It was certainly intensive and pretty exhausting.
Thank you God for safe journey !

I spent three out of a possible four days there. Like all conferences, it will take a while to reflect on it all.

There were over 450 people attending. It was a beautiful setting, superbly organised with lots of life - giving laughter and conversation as well as frustration, stimulating and challenging seminars and some beautiful liturgy and music services.

 I hope to post some more in the coming days. Meanwhile here are a few photos and the opening prayer we all joined in reading out loud  at the start of each seminar and at the close of the day. 

The reflection at the end is by Doris Klein CSA , received in our  Mass booklets  held at the end of our first day.

God of Wisdom 
We gather in Your name. 
In search of understanding 
we come to share our thoughts and ideas, 
to challenge ourselves and one another. 

Help us in this seminar to be open to Your Spirit. 

Guide us, and keep us faithful to the truth.

As we gather in Your name
may we be attentive to Your voice. 
May we listen with love,
debate with compassion, 
and respond with courage 
so that all we do is pleasing to You.

Enrich our appreciation of your hope 
for all who strive to do Your will.

In Jesus' name.

                                        The stunning Blessed Sacrament Chapel at rear of Abbey

Risking The Future

Each of us stands at the gate of tomorrow, facing the future.
At times we have walked in wonder and awe;
at other times we have moved along in a flood of fear.

Looking back we may recognise that
amid the joys and the struggles of the journey
this is a sacred journey, one that is hidden in
and surrounded by mystery.

Although we long for someone - to translate the risk of the journey
into logical explanations
we often find ourselves in the foreign land of faith

We stand on the edges of our hopes and dreams and ask in trust
to be led and supported 
by a Love and Energy much larger than we can imagine.

We ask to walk here in courage and integrity
as we attempt to discern the voice of God 
amid the cacophony of our doubt and fear

To risk the journey and face the future- is simply to walk in faith
but always both in our knowing and unknowing
we are escorted into tomorrow
by Love, who gives us everything we need.

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