Peace Camps Across UK To Celebrate Love, Poetry and Landscape

Inspired by the Olympic Truce, the roots of which date back to Ancient Greece,  director Deborah Warner has been commissioned to create a coastal installation encircling the UK in collaboration with actor Fiona Shaw as part of the build up to the celebrations of the Olympic Games in the UK, due to start soon.

The publicity material says : 

"Peace Camp is a coastal installation celebrating love,poetry and landscape. 
Visitors will be able to walk through glowing encampments of tents erected at sites across the UK starting tomorrow July 19-22nd 2012.

Visitors to the sites will hear a soundscape of music and voices reciting love poems emanating from within glowing tents and will feature the voices of people from all around the UK as well as some of our finest actors including Fiona Shaw, Eileen Atkins, Jonathan Pryce, Ioan Gruffudd, Angela Lansbury, Bill Paterson and Alun Armstrong."

Weather depending (!), I might be able to go and have a look as one of the sites is at the beautiful Godrevy Lighthouse which is only a few miles from me. 

Godrevy provided the inspiration for Virginia's Woolf's novel, To the Lighthouse.

People can nominate their favourite love poem or record and upload it online at the Peace Camp website at

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So folks, here's your chance to declare your love to the world: upload your own poem, take a picture, write a message, make a dedication - be as creative as you like and forward a link to share the love....................

 This portrait of love in 2012  will be archived by the British Library.

You can also hear audio samples of the poems at the website from here

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