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"To tell a story of God is to create a world, adopt an attitude, suggest a behaviour. . . 
We are born into a community of stories and storytellers. 

In interpreting our traditional stories of God, we find out who we are and what we must do. 

In telling the stories of God, we ourselves are told.”
John Shea

 So How About This For A Story ?

For one week only until July 31st , those generous people at Loyola Press are offering a FREE download of the story :
Click here : Just Call me Lopez by Margaret Silf.

I've just downloaded mine !  Thanks Loyola !! 

This is made available in dual celebration of the feast of St. Ignatius  on 31st July and the centenary of Loyola Press.
In Just Call Me López, a 21st-century woman, Rachel, meets the man who becomes St. Ignatius, and both are transformed by their unlikely friendship and series of thought-provoking conversations.

For those wishing to purchase the hardcover edition, order through Loyola Press and enter the code Lopez at checkout to get 30% off. Shipping and handling are additional. This special offer also expires August 31, 2012.

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                                                                   A story for Today

"When the great Rabbi Israel Baal Shem-Tov saw misfortune threatening the Jews it was his custom to go into a certain part of the forest to meditate. 

There he would light a fire, say a special prayer, and the miracle would be accomplished, the misfortune averted.

Later when his disciple, the celebrated Megid of Mezritch, had occasion for the same reason to intercede with heaven, he would go to the same place in the forest and say: Master of the Universe, listen!
 I do not know how to light the fire, but I am still able to say the prayer. And again the miracle would be accomplished.

Still later, Rabbi Moshe Leib of Sasov, in order to save his people once more, would go into the forest and say: 

I do not know how to light the fire, I do not know the prayer, but I know the place and this must be sufficient. It was sufficient and the miracle was accomplished.

Then it fell to Rabbi Israel of Rizhyn to overcome misfortune. 

Sitting in his armchair, his head in his hands, he spoke to God: 

I am unable to light the fire and I do not know the prayer; I cannot even find the place in the forest. 

All I can do is to tell the story, and this must be sufficient. And it was sufficient."

-Elie Wiesel The Gates of The Forest

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