Two Weeks of Worthy Women Religious

Unfortunately I missed this one which began when I was away but thankfully all the posts are still available to read.

 The Catholic Sensibility Blog here has a series of daily posts on Worthy Women Religious which started on 21st June and is ending aptly on 4th July.

It  focuses on accomplishments of women religious from the past, many of whom were in trouble with authority, or even excommunicated in more than one case. 

                                                  Communion of Saints by Elise Ritter
                                                                        Image source

Blog author, Todd Flowerday, gives the rationale behind the series in this edited introduction below:

"As a response to the US Bishops’ Fortnight of Freedom, I’d like to offer an alternative. My readers here know of my skepticism with the USCCB campaign. It strikes me as politically motivated, possibly.

 And even if the bishops protest that it’s not, groups such as the NRLC have inserted themselves into the opportunity to make it so.
Starting today, and running for two weeks........hopefully we can observe the conduct of holy women in the face of freedoms denied and perhaps gain some needed perspective in the spiritual life, not just for political purposes.

 Not all of the featured women were “red” martyrs for the faith. But all suffered, usually cruelly, at the hands of men who seemed concerned less for the freedom of others and more for their own privileges."

Click here for my friend Fran Rossi's two great contributions to this series of posts.

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