August 1st. Feast of St Alphonsus Ligouri: Founder of The Redemptorists

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August 1st - Today is the feast of St Alphonsus Ligouri, founder of the Congregation of The Most Holy Redeemer CSs.R, more commonly known as Redemptorists.

This link takes you to a neat official website with some great music and an online pilgrimage.

The main menu page is here.

They were founded in Scala near Naples, Italy in 1732 by St. Alphonsus Liguori. 
The Redemptorists, currently number 5300 members serving people across the world in 78 countries.

 The motto of the Congregation "Copiosa Apud Eum Redemptio " means: "With Him there is Plentiful Redemption".

 Like St. Alphonsus, they follow Jesus the Redeemer in preaching this Good News to the poor.

St Alphonsus was a prolific writer and this link takes you to many of them.!

I don't know that many Redemptorists but one of the speakers I heard at the recent conference "Clear Voices" at Buckfast Abbey, is a Redemptorist priest and author Fr Denis McBride. His talk was on Discipleship in Hard Times ! 

I didn't post about it as he ended it where I wanted it to start from !!

But he has an interesting website where you can browse through extracts of his many books and articles.

Click here and here.

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