Great Free Audio Resources From Benedictine Fr.Laurence Freeman

Benedictine monk and priest Fr. Laurence Freeman has featured many times in my blog.
I have come to value his wisdom and insight over the years.

He is  Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation, (WCCM,) a global network of Christian meditation groups that practice the way of Christian meditation.

World Community for Christian Meditation
World Community for Christian Meditation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dom Laurence is in Australia to lead the Australian National Retreat for the World Community for Christian Meditation.

This is a truly wonderful audio podcast interview from Australian ABC.  

He has some great points to say about modern liturgy and meditation, dialogue with other religions and points out how our Christian identity is deepened, clarified and challenged by this dialogue combined with contemplative practice drawn from our own Catholic/Christian tradition and disciplines.

He also is candid about the need for change in the institutional church.

I like what he says about the way contemplative experience undermines all power structures and if we want to get back to the original vision of Jesus then meditation is a tool to do that. 

His work in the world is truly inspiring and enlightening.
His choice of final song by Mahalia Jackson is also heart warming !!

Also from WCCM here is the link to four free audio talks from the late Benedictine monk John Main who gave regular weekly talks to meditation groups meeting at his monastery.

Each talk is a direct preparation for meditation as well as a strikingly insightful reflection on an aspect of the inner pilgrimage. They communicate not only ideas but the authentic silence itself. So, the listener is led by words into silence.

The titles of the four talks are Surface and Depth, God Incarnate, The Art of Unlearning and The Unreality of Fear. 

(I found them easy to listen to, but the website says that they are presently being re-edited and will be issued in a new enhanced edition later this year, to mark the 20th anniversary of the formation of the World Community he inspired.)

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