Religion and The Internet BBC Podcasts

Two BBC radio podcasts worth a listen.

The details below are taken from the BBC website.

"With a search for God throwing up nearly two billion internet hits, this special edition of Sunday explores the impact of the internet on religion. Trevor Barnes turns virtual religious tourist as he explores the digital world in search of God. From Tweeting to computer gaming, we hear how the internet and technology is transforming the traditional church service.

 Kevin Bocquet reports on the transformative effect of the internet on the Muslim world. And how is morality defined and shaped in the globally vast and digitally distant world of cyberspace? 

Involved in the debate, William Crawley is joined by the 'Digitalnun', Sister Catherine Wybourne, the blogging Bishop, Alan Wilson and Vicky Beeching whose award winning blog ponders the line between spirituality, philosophy and technology."

Click here to listen. The podcast is available on the right hand side of the page or click here.

The second programme was from last night's BBC World Service

 "As digital technology gets ever more integrated into our lives, a special edition of The Forum from the Aspen Festival of Ideas. It discusses the following questions :What effect does technology have on how we think, live and learn? Should we worry about creating virtual echo chambers where we only hear what we want? Or should we celebrate the increased interconnectivity the internet brings?"

The podcast is at the bottom of the page.

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