Saints Galore

There are plenty of Saints whose feast days are celebrated this week...

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 The Church honours St Sixtus II and Companions, martyred in Rome on 6 August AD 258. Sixtus had been Pope for just under a year.

This article charts the life and death of Sixtus and his companions and also remembers more recent martyrs.

St. Mary Mackillop

Sister Mary MacKillop (1842-1909), Australian ...
Sister Mary MacKillop (1842-1909),
 Australia's first saint

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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She had formidable courage - We need more like her today. 

More articles here

Short video of Mary Mackillop below

Wednesday is the Feast of St. Dominic
Boticelli's St Dominic Source

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Pope Benedict XVI talked here about St Dominic in 2012 here

and a daily dose of Dominican audiopodcasts on the scriptures with reflections from different speakers can be found here.

Catholic artistic tradition assigns saints particular symbols that denote the Saint's martyrdom, miracles, or circumstances of their lives. These symbols serve to identify the saints, and aids to memory of a Saint's life and actions, and as symbols of spiritual ideals. 

Click here for a neat explanation of the symbols associated with St Dominic.

St Theresa Benedicta of the Cross/ Edith Stein, 
Virgin, Martyr, martyred on this day in 1942 in the Auschwitz concentration camp. 

Check out the facebook page here from the Carmelite sisters in Illinois who have celebrated the life of Edith Stein with some of beautiful meditation aids that highlight her thoughts and wisdom.

St Clare of Assisi 

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Interesting Reflections

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