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Happy Labour Day 

Garden of Eden

Update; This is an excellent post from Fr. Dan Horan at Dating God : 
Click here for Labor Day:The Work To Be Done In The Church.

Click here to link to Part One videos from James Hillman talking about various aspects of work.

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More videos here on work from Murray Bookchin

Lazy Bones Leon Redbone

Click here for a variety of Labour Day resources on prayer 

 "Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. 
After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water." 
--Zen Proverb

 Artist Bill Griffin

"Jesters do oft prove prophets" --William Shakespeare 

Ora et labora
 Work and pray

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What's it like to be a human
the bird asked

I myself don't know
it's being held prisoner by your skin
while reaching infinity
being a captive of your scrap of time
while touching eternity
being hopelessly uncertain
and helplessly hopeful
being a needle of frost
and a handful of heat
breathing in the air
and choking wordlessly
it's being on fire
with a nest made of ashes
eating bread
while filling up on hunger
it's dying without love
it's loving through death
That's funny said the bird
and flew effortlessly up into the air
~ Anna Kamienska ~
(Astonishments: Selected Poems of Anna Kamienska,
 ed. and trans. by D. Curzon and G. Drabik)

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