27th Sunday Ordinary Time Mass Reflections

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 "The recently deceased Cardinal Martini S.J. of Milan who said that the Roman Catholic church was 200 years out of date, warned in this interview,  shortly before his death, that unless the Church adopted a more generous attitude towards divorced persons, it will lose the allegiance of future generations......

“For whom are the sacraments? They are the means of healing. 

The sacraments are not a disciplinary instrument, but a help for people at moments on their journey and when life makes them weak. 

Are we bringing the sacraments to the people who need a new strength? 

I’m thinking of all the divorced people and couples who have remarried and extended families. They need a special protection. 

The Church maintains the indissolubility of marriage. 

It is a grace when a marriage and a family succeed. … The attitude we take toward extended families will determine whether their children come near to the Church. 

A woman is abandoned by her husband and finds a new companion who is concerned for her and her three children. The second love succeeds. 

If this family is discriminated against, not only the woman, but her children, too, will be cut off. If the parents feel external to the Church and do not experience its support, the Church will lose the future generation. 

Before Communion we pray: “Lord, I am not worthy…” We know we are unworthy. … 

Love is grace. Love is a gift. The question whether the divorced can receive Communion would have to be turned upside down. 

How can the Church come to the aid of complex family situations with the power of the sacraments?”

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