Humour in The Year Of Faith

One thing we will all need in this Year of Faith is humour and the ability to laugh at ourselves.

See this article here. 

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Advent Progress 2012

Click here for just a few images that came to mind....

 I posted this site : Visual Reflections on Life As A Clergy Person a while back with links to a site called Ev'ry Day I'm Pastoring. 
There are some gems and some that can easily transfer to Catholicism.

or Try this site  called Mary's My Homegirl, which describes itself as coping with the "Terrible Life Choice of Studying Catholic Theology in Graduate School.

I've taken the liberty of pinching some images, but I've added my own questions to them, specifically related to the Year of Faith and New Evangelisation.

1. Which of these three images below best describes your experience of reading the documents of Vatican II, encyclicals and the catechism so far? 

2. What do you feel Jesus thinks of your responses and efforts so far in this Year of New Evangelisation and Faith ?

3. Overall, how would you describe your experience of the Year of Faith so far ?

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