Ron Rolheiser Videos

These two videos from Fr.Ron Rolheiser OMI,  "Recognizing God's Voice: The Cadence and Tone of the Voice of the Good Shepherd" and  "Feeling God's Voice through Physical and Mystical Touch: Some Sacramental and Mystical Images" are from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress 2012.

They are also pretty much reflect some of the content of the same presentations given by Fr Rolheiser at Buckfast Abbey Clear Voices Festival this July.

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As a counter to getting carried away with too much of the mystical this month, below is  short clip from another video from Fr. Ron to balance things out and ground us all. Title is "The Incarnation : Keeping God In The Flesh."
(The full two-hour program is available at )

Description below is from You Tube Oblate Media-

 "God didn't come to earth in the flesh for just 33 years. Christ didn't leave us when he ascended into heaven. We, the Christian community, continue the Incarnation. We are the Body of Christ. 
We do not re-present Christ, replace Christ, or become merely his mystical body. We ARE the Body of Christ and we continue to give physical flesh to God. 
This has astonishing implications for how we pray, seek healing, look for guidance, understand religious experience, and for how we "bind and loose" our loved ones. 
Fr. Rolheiser brings the incarnation into focus and brings clarity to it's meaning.


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