St Francis of Assisi From Scrap

Isn't this scrap metal statue of St Francis of Assisi just great ??

 I think St Francis would approve.

It's by Joel Hass from here 
and Joel says :
"So many statues of St. Francis in cement seem sooo grim. 
No wonder birds are not really attracted to them. 
I made this one in steel scrap--about 3.5 ft high. 
The body is an "I" beam; the base a brake drum, the feet small bull dozer teeth, his rosary, a lamp pull chain; the flower part of an electric motor. 

 His head is a ball for railing, his face made of bike gears, nuts and washers. 
The halo is lampshade rings and the cross around his neck is a bike gear and two nails."

H/T to Nancy Wallace at Seeker Blog for the photo.

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