The Wind One Brilliant Day Antonio Machado

Set to a poem by Antonio Machado and narrated by Alec Baldwin, this first video uses time lapse photography of scenes of the earth, weather, the display of the majesty of nature and the negative and positive interaction of it with humanity's footprint. The video is by award-winning filmmaker Chel White.

Here’s White’s edited description from the Vimeo page.
"Based on a one-hundred-year-old poem by the Spanish poet Antonio Machado, “Wind” is an allegorical perspective on climate change.
Though written in the early 20th century, the Machado poem is particularly poignant today, bearing an uncanny relevance for climate change and planet stewardship. This film was commissioned by the environmental organization Live Earth. The English translation is by Robert Bly."

           The second video is the same poem by Machado but has different visuals...

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