Thomas Lynch On the Undertaking and Sin Eaters

Thomas Lynch, 58, is one of my favourite writers and poets. Like my partner Colin, 
he is also a retired funeral director, and Lynch hails from my birthplace in County Clare, Ireland.

I did a post on Thomas Lynch earlier this year as we approached Lent, titled Prayer and Sin Eaters which features three of his poems. Click here .

Among his published works are The Undertaker: Life Studies from the Dismal Trade.
and The Sin Eater: A Breviary.

Lynch lives in a small town in central Michigan where he and his family have cared for the dead -- and the living -- for three generations.

Lynch agreed to allow cameras inside Lynch & Sons, to give an insight into the Lynches' world for this award winning film from PBS below, The Undertaking. 

The video shows the film in its entirety and  is about one hour long.

On Friday November 2nd,  All Souls Day at 6pm CT, you can also listen to a special edition In Good Faith live webcast with Thomas Lynch from here:  A Nun's Life Team Ministry.

Watch The Undertaking on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

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