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Update :
The BBC Northern Ireland documentary that was screened a few nights ago has now been posted on YouTube in its entirety. I can't embed it but the link to You Tube is here.

There is also a discussion thread here at the Australian Catholica website which has some comments worth reading on those who have seen the documentary. Recommended.

Original Post below...

Earlier this year Father Brian D’Arcy revealed that he had been censured by the Vatican after challenging some of the Catholic Church’s core teachings.

 In this frank and personal documentary, filmmaker, Natalie Maynes follows the Enniskillen based priest over a number of months as the 67-year-old talked to individuals within the church in a search for an answer as to whether he should stay or leave after 50 years in the priesthood.

The programme was first shown on BBC Northern Ireland on 29th October 2012.

You can watch the documentary for a further five days on BBC i-player here.

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