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There's been so much going on this week and I forgot that that as well as Thursday being Thanksgiving Day it is also the feast of St Cecilia, the Patron saint of musicians.

 My own post from a while ago on St Cecilia's feast day is here.

My friend Shane Ambrose, blog editor at Sacred Space 102fm reminded me of it and added this information...

 "If you are ever in Rome you should visit the Catacombs of San Callisto which was where she was buried before being translated to Trastevere. 
And for those like me who are into these things ecclesial, the church dedicated to her in Trastevere had as its titulus of a Cardinal Priest, Carlo Maria Martini !" 

There is a nice connection between the Sisters of St Cecilia, St Agnes whose feast day in Rome on 21st Jan and the Feast of SS Peter and Paul in June.

The Pope blesses two crowned baby lambs, brought to the Church of St. Agnes in two baskets, decorated in red (martyrdom) and white (purity), by Trappists of the Monastery of the Three Fountains. The shorn wool is taken to the Convent of St. Cecilia, where the Sisters weave the palliums worn by the Pope and his Metropolitan Archbishops. 

The pallium is embroidered with six crosses worn over the shoulders and has two hanging pieces, one in front and another at the back. It symbolizes authority and expresses the special bond between the bishops and the Pope.

Pope Francis'  Pallium, recalling the Good Shepherd who carries the lost sheep on his shoulders.

The palliums are conferred on new archbishops -- those appointed as archbishops during the preceding year -- on the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul on 29th June. 

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