UK Floods November 2012

Water, Water Everywhere !!

Aerial views of Exeter ( about 2 hours from me), showing the extent of the flooding along the River Exe.

There are hundreds of homes affected by flooding in the West Country and many parts of Britain after days of extreme heavy rain and gale force winds and there has been some tragic loss of life.

Thankfully the village region where I live has escaped the floods, but other people have fared less well.

The Met Office says we have more of the same horrible weather coming to the South West of England in the next 24 hours. Cornwall's rescue services were stretched to cope with so many emergency calls.

 BBC Cornwall news and videos from here

 Several pictures of flooding in my county of Cornwall from the BBC are here

When the ground is this saturated it is difficult to see where any more rain can go.

The good news is that Tuesday should be better. 

More news pictures and videos from the BBC here and from here

Please pray for all those affected by this emergency.

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