UPDATE First Week Advent 2012 Song

I first included this video below at the start of Advent 2010 (post is here).

Click here for my 2012 post on this Sunday's reflections.

The video is a favourite version of mine, not least because of the way in which the singer so effectively disarms her audience at about 40 secs from the start.

I was impressed by her physical presence which conveys a still centre of deep reverence and composure - the song becomes a serene prayer.

 Her warmth suggests compassion and accessibility and you can see for yourself the results of her gentle wit and firm encouragement.

As we enter the weekend of the first Sunday of Advent,  I feel a bit like some of the audience at the start of  the video, wanting so much to sing and share aloud " the good news" and rich graces this sacred and holy season heralds. 

But I am aware too of how hesitant I am and sometimes even fearful that my little flickering light of faith may go out.

But I know too that if I surrender and put myself in the hands of a loving God, and I am in a community that is led by a gentle but humorous leader I will be able to overcome my fears. 

I hope that through my own prayers and that of others we will all be graced to grow more confident in affirming each other in our faith and as Advent gains momentum we will be able to gently share it with others.

Odetta sings "This Little Light of Mine."

A Tribute to Odetta

Just after posting this, I was saddened to discover that Odetta died on December 2nd 2008, at the age of 77, and this second video was made as a tribute to her.

I found listening to her powerful words about the healing power of music very moving

As the 5th anniversary of her death co-incides with the first Sunday of Advent it seems even more fitting to add it here.  

You can read more on this amazing woman's life here. 

Truly inspirational .....

Below is the text taken from the You Tube site 

"The great Odetta passed away Tuesday, December 2nd. As we mourn her passing, those of us affiliated with the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function also celebrate her life, and wish to note how grateful we are that we were able to host one of Odetta's last public performances, at the Music Has Power Awards in New York City on September 8th 2008.

The Music Has Power Awards honours men and women who through their interpretation of, and/or support of music and music therapy helps further the mission of the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function (IMNF). 

The IMNF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing scientific inquiry on music and the brain and to developing clinical treatments to benefit people of all ages suffering from neurological diseases, disorders and disabilities such as stroke, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, and traumatic brain and spinal injuries. "

Blessings and peace to all this weekend.

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